Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Secret Story of Toys!

Hey guys there is a video that you may or may not have seen out there called 'The Secret Story of Toys'. It's made by Tony Ladesich (rhymes with 'radish'), a guy I met pretty recently who makes really professional quality independent films here in the Kansas City area. The documentary style short feels very personal to me, because the other sculptor is Adrienne, my wife, and the mold maker is Adam, her brother. So every one in the video is family, really.

As is typical, I feel weird about how I look and sound in this, but I think Adrienne is cute and sincere, and Adam is funny.  

Tony also made a short film called Icarus one, and my brother and I made the main prop/set for it.  I'll try to get a link to that and perhaps make a new post about it.

I also have a new Armorvor head coming up soon for you collectors out there, which will go well with the rhino head.

By the way, I've heard the image of our potential daughter (basically a picture of Adrian's pregnant belly) is a broken image. Are you guys able to see that? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Conversa iniciada hoje

    Marina Pio Bernardes

    Hi Jason!

    I've just watched your video on Co.Creative and got so emotive I could cry.

    The truth is I do love toys and sculping, and I've been trying to make exaclty what you do, but all by my own (I'm from Brazil and though I searched about toy making, I never found an actual atelier (here in Brazil and worldwide) that would make them so I could try to learn something from them). Maybe I'm not searching correclty?

    The matter is that even thought I'm gratuated on Marketing, I'd just leave my home, job and even leave my county if I could get a chance to work as an apprentice on making toys (as you do, sculping them and castim them). I'd be happy just by being a student, it's my dream. I do believe I would be trully happy if I could make toys for life.

    Not sure why I'm writing you this, maybe as an desperate help call, though I'm realistic and know things don't work this way.

    Anyway, I'm happy to see people can actually live the way I always wanted to.

    Best regards, and keep on doing your beautiful work!

    1. Thank you for writing, I'm glad it had such a strong effect on you and I hope it inspires you in a very positive way. I've given what you've written a lot of thought.

      Loving toys is a great way to start. Everybody begins making things on their own, enjoying pushing themselves and seeing what they are capable of, and I think you really get better when you see other people who impress you and make you wonder if you could ever match them. It's always inspirational to see something that amazes you and pushes your idea of what is possible in sculpture, or any art. Maybe any skill.
      I suppose if you're looking for places that sculpt toys, what you probably want is to search for is the term "toy sculptors" "toy sculpting studio", or the phrase sculpting "in house". I'd honestly never heard the term 'atelier' before! A lot of companies like Neca, McFarlane toys, sota (still around), gentle giant, Sideshow, have their own studio full of sculptors who uou could possibly arrange to visit.

      You can also go to art shows and conventions about art, toys or even monsters and fantasy and look for people doing what you want to do. If you find them, ask them how they make castings, what they sculpt with, etc. You might also search on the internet for people who make garage kits, they typically make their own molds I believe. Any of these people will more than likely be excited to talk to you about what they do, particularly if you meet them in person at an art show or convention, and they may be interested in what you do as well. You might be able to collaborate in the future.

      Also, I talked to Adam, who owns the studio seen in the short film, and he seems to be open to the idea of you visiting for an internship or something similar.

      Adam can be reached at http://truecaststudio.com/ or by emailing him at adamsmithsculpture@yahoo.com

      I can be reached at valdroni@gmail.com

      Good luck and I hope to hear from you!

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  2. Hi Jason.
    I did find your blog from the short movie.
    Loved it...

    Do you do commissioned work?
    Just wondering.

    D Mills

    1. Yes, I definitely do! But I should warn you people are often surprised by how expensive it can be. It all depends in how complicated the project is. What is your idea?

  3. Thank you for sharing your story, as a professional creative it was wonderful to get a window into a craft that I knew nothing about (but have a soft spot for as a huge geek). Have you guys ever done any larger or personal pieces?

    1. I did a large juggernaut before I went pro, which is kind of an embarrassment now! I do still love the juggernaut. I have a few personal pieces, which you can see in the 'portfolio' section. And I have some big ideas for my own toys, hopefully soon...

  4. Hey Jason,

    Just watched the video. Loved it and what you guys do. I had no idea such cool stuff was going on in KC which brings me to my next point..

    I am apart of IDSA Kansas. We would love to have an event to showcase you and the rest of your studio. Check out our blog for a few of the other events we have done, www.idsa.org/KC. Email me if you are interested. Keep up the awesome work!


    1. Email sent! I'm glad you liked the movie, it really was well done. Get back to me or Adam and week talk!

    2. I'm having trouble getting to you, if you want, email me at valdroni@gmsil.com or Adam at adamsmithsculpture@yahoo.com

  5. Hi Jason,

    great short film! I really love the work you all do. Terrific stuff.
    Like D. Mills I am also wondering if you ever do commissioned work. I'm working on a short film with a small crew and I'd love to have a sculpture of our main character created.


    Jason W

    1. Hey Jason, I think we had a dinner meeting about this and shot some ideas around, but it ended up being too expensive. But we can still keep in touch and maybe figure out a way to make it work. I believe I mentioned that having your character scanned and printed out might be a possibility.

  6. Hi Jason! I was wondering... Did you use to go to Pratt institute?

  7. very cool short! and awesome work! maybe you have been asked 1000 times and more but...can i ask you what kind of material you use for sculpting?

    1. No problem! I use casteline, but there are many other options. Monster clay, zen wax and others work like casteline and melt or smooth out when hit with heat.

  8. Hey Jason,

    We're a bunch of art students from The Art Deparment (www.theartdepartment.org) in KCMO and when we saw the video were super thrilled to learn that you guys are in KC too. We were wondering if a few of us could drop by you guys' studio sometime to find out more about toy sculpting and what you guys do.
    my name is Sharlene and i can be reached at selise.toh@gmail.com
    we look forward to hearing from you! :)

    1. Sounds cool, I'll write to you! I think you guys had an animation event at the livestock exchange building less than a year ago, and that's where we are! I'd like to see you guys.

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