Thursday, May 17, 2012

Developement of the bat head

I started by pinching a quick 3 pointed shape at angles that I like and rolled out snakes to hint at details.

At this point I was considering a demonic, pointing chin based on exaggerating a cleft in the vampire bats actual lower lip anatomy
the ear went through several variations once I decided to make it bionic.  Obviously the central microphone, but also the surrounding armor changed, abandoning the joint lines that came out from the center in a spider-web style for lines that fit the flow of the ear better, specifically a zig-zag line from the angry eyebrow up to the top of the ear. 
as for the central microphone, I eventually made it bubble out to have more depth. I also gave his eye tech, which was a pressed in hole, a more outward 'lens' by rolling up a little clay, pressing it on and fine tuning it.  Makes for a much better effect catching light and can be an easily painted part.  He still has the Darkness from 'Legend' chin, which Marty I think rightly steered me away from.

The bottom two pics are the final sculpt before molding. The eye lens should look great in clear plastic.