Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gorilla head complete

 I started making a kind of panel on the side of the gorilla head, and it kind of snowballed.
  there is a metal bead at the end of this wire.
I guess these aren't totally finished photos, because I added an element that the wire was connected to.

 There are 2 wires, the bottom one is styrene rod and the top one is just rolled up clay.  These photos are kind of washed out, unfortunately.
 There are a few tiny watch parts, beads and stuff worked into the clay technology.
The hole is a casting of a glyos piece with a hole, that I dremmeled down into a little can shape of just the hole as a little cylinder unit.  I thought this would be an interesting touch, and the Octovor breather elements work well in there.  Spymonkey parts may work well too.

Reminds me of monkey science experiments, like McFarlane's Cy-Gor (which I believe was invented by one of the Four Horsemen).    I sent this to Marty to mold, and if you want one for 15 dollars, you need only go to the October Toys forum and ask to be on the Gorilla Head list.

Hope you guys like it!


  1. I imagine the Spymonkey clear red dome piece would look awesome in that hole, like a glass bubble looking into his brain!

  2. I cant wait to get my hands on this to get it painted up by eric. I got a spawn fig that had some rubbery bone tubes that I think will look awesome having it pop out the side of the skull and wrap into his back.

  3. Cool, I'm glad to hear you guys are excited about the hole in the head, I thought people would get creative ideas from it. Those customs both sound cool!

  4. Great stuff! Maybe I'll actually be able to get my hands on this one.

  5. Cool, monster, I hope you like it!

    1. I've been having the worst luck tracking the Armorvors down,I see there is a transparent version up on Onell's sight right now but all the others you have done I'm at a loss. I see a customizer on Toyark got your gator and ape but from where? Am I just missing the boat on these guys?

  6. Dang...I just got a couple of these heads from Marty and I'm blown away by the amount of detail in these things! I look forward to anything else you guys might do with the armorvor.

  7. how do we contact you for custom work?