Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Armorvors have officially launched!

Well, the big news is that the Armorvor has officially dropped and already sold out over at Matt's site.  I'm sure more will be available soon.  You can get parts from Marty 'Godbeast' Hansen, namely heads, to add to the figures here.  All in all it's very exciting to see so much story and care put into this character as he becomes part of the Glyos mythology!

I've got a bit of a fun idea...
I think I will tease you with a very early progress picture of my new head for the Armorvor.  You can guess what it is going to be in the comments section.  First to guess correctly wins a smug sense of self satisfaction! I'll be back here very soon to show you the more advanced sculpt images!  Thanks to everyone who is buying the heads at the above link! 


  1. Looks quite a bit like a crocodile to me!

  2. I think it's a Rhino or a Hippo. I hope it's a hippo. That's the first Battle Beast I ever remember getting.

  3. Those are really good guesses. The clay at this point in the process really could become any of these. A hippo would be awesome, especially with its mouth yawning wide, a rhino is obviously cool. I wonder what could be done with the horns. And I googled some platypus images to refresh myself and I really like the lump around the nose area at the base of the duckbill, that could look cool as something cybernetic.

    Mindless-Focus, I have the same feeling for the Skunk Battlebeast, it was the one I carried around all the time as a kid, so it has a special place in my heart.

    Talyn, love your Goboids, and I saw "The culling" cartoon that you made Nik, and I love that classical animation look! Thanks for commenting guys!

    1. I had a line of Battle Beast-like creatures on the drawing board called "Ani-M.A.U.L.s" and one of the characters in that was called 'Stab Horn' the Rhino. He didn't have an original horn anymore, but could instead swap-out a metal replacement & put other weapons in it's place.